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PostSubject: Presentation   Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:54 pm


Hello there everyone!

Since I am new to this league, I decided to make a little presentation about myself real quick, so that if anyone is wondering who in this world I am, they will know a little better!

As you can already guess, my in-game name is NinJaChiNoiS and I am part of the Sword_Of_Justice band.

For anyone who wishes to know my past in game, I will post it here, so feel free to read

I have begun to play this game there is now nearly 2 years ago. (Not with this character though, I really regret it lol) I started with a sacred-flower just for the fun of it, thinking I would never play this game more than 3 or 4 hours Shocked .. lol, now I dont think that anymore Wink

I kept playing another time, another moment, and I slowly got into this game! To be honest, it was the very first MMO I've ever tried and I dont think I will try any other.. 1 is enough Laughing

For the people who may have seen me on my sacred-flower, her name is FlowerOfLys. I have a couple of other characters, but I will not name them all since I dont play them as much.

I joined so many bands when I played Flower, and to say the truth, I joined MM Hero once.. Sad Feel free to judge however you wish to I will understand.. Rolling Eyes And feel free to kick me out of the forum if you believe For the people wondering why I did join them... scratch Good question!

In fact, I used to be master of a band once, where I knew twinnkle when she had started playing this game, since she was one of my members. The band did not work very well since not many people were active, so I disbanded it. A while later, I saw her being league master of this band and I was bandless, so I decided to join in.. I never really knew what they were about, since they always spoke in their own language, but with time going by, I figured out that it wasn't my place. I regretted that I had joined.. No For now, I am happy to say Flower has found her place in KamikaziKillaz! sunny

I wanted to experience pvp later on, so I made this character. He was bandless, untill I met Jaelia and April_Ryan doing some quests in cc. Since both of you were like the nicest persons I've met in the game in 2 years of play, I decided to join in! Smile And this time, I didn't regret to join this league, like it was the case with MM Neutral

This covers my in game story of 9 Dragons.

For my out-game story, I'm a guy of 19 years old physically, mentally it's up to you to judge,and I work at an electronics store and I am currently studying in sales and marketing.

I've just realized I made this a little longer than what I wanted to and it's getting late here, my bed is calling me.. Sleep

Hope to see you all in-game sometime! Very Happy
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