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 new problem

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Losing Self

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PostSubject: new problem   Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:31 pm

ok i been waiting like almost 1-3 wk now still no email from them they said if they find out about my acc been hack and stuff they will email me a new acc with 1 alt character which is a back up for my lost character but so far no email i sure hope they keep their word i couldn't play 9d much this day since i only have my old acc which is a low lvl character and i cant even play only on weekend now if you guys are ok to invite my low lvl to the guild and i'll try to get to where my main char was before

my low lvl char now its GB5 Healer (Wu tang) same as my main but weaker buff and all i'll try to be on as much as possible to get the invite

my char is []-Ghost-[]

lol compare my GB5 to CS10 healer its a big diff i wish i can have my main acc back since its been stolen or hacked forever now

they cant send me my acc info becoz they cant not find it on their data i think that the hacker might have been change the ID and PW

so yeah if you guys are ok to invite my other char which i will protected with my life from now on Smile

and i will try to log on and grind plz whisper or PM me
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new problem
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